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Be so well rooted that the strongest of storms go away defeated   
~© Huma Masood, 2021

Colorful Dots
Colorful Dots

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Silken Scribblings

Colorful Dots

Motivation, musings and more

Colorful Dots
Colorful Dots

Short Scribblings

Colorful Dots
Colorful Dots
Colorful Dots

Collection of Poetic thoughts 

Colorful Dots
Colorful Dots

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Short Bio

Market research consultant turned author, Huma Masood published three ebooks and two chapbooks. Huma has contributed to various websites & paperback anthologies (Amazon).


Her published spaces: Medium, Penmancy, Women's Web, YourQuote, and more.

When not writing she is reading novels or building her Canva Contributor profile with images and designs. 

Short bio word count = 50 words

Huma grew up in Kuwait where she studied in The New Indian School, Jabriya (post-invasion Jabriya United School). She went to India to pursue higher education, where she graduated in botany from AMU. Later she acquired a dual MBA (Finance/Marketing).

Education word count < 42 words 

Highlights of her work experience

Huma began her career with a temporary opening in Bader AlMulla's advertising department where she learnt the general MR practices of Kuwait's Advertising and Marketing industry in her brief tenure there.


She accepted the position of Sales Coordinator at NIIT, Kuwait. In the time she worked there, she got herself acquainted with the latest in the world of computers. It was still a developing technology then and few desks had the privilege to hold the bulky computer machines. So these computer skills shone on her resume.

A major part of her work-life was spent at Focus Marketing Consultancy, which offered a bouquet of marketing research-related services. During her tenure as the Project Manager there, she consulted brands like Burger King, Pizza Hut, Gulf Bank, Kuwait Airways, KNPC, etc. She managed a newsletter, Middle East Marketing Intelligence Report, read by the business community across the Middle East. 

Later, in India, after few brief stints with the corporate world, Huma set up a placement consultancy (an innovative model then) in Delhi and an online shop on e-bay. A few years later, she shut shop due to a mix of professional and personal reasons. 


Huma is a published author now. Her experiences with her friends/colleagues of other cultures and with her own culture that she was not entirely familiar with, motivated her to pick up the pen.  It was lonely until she found the writing community.


Her first book was published on the Blogchatter Ebook carnival and her poetry collection She and Other Poems is downloadable from the Blogchatter library.


Find Huma with #HumaMasoodwrites and #humawrites.

Work-life word count  <265 words

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My HaikuJAM handle is @huma-writes



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Colorful Dots
Colorful Dots

Huma quotes


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