[Poetry] Blue

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Can you imagine a world without colours? Grey, boring and maybe sad.

Although studies are still ongoing about the effects of colours on the human mind and mood, we know that the colour that surrounds us has a certain effect on us. How long this effect remains is another matter to study. While one colour helps to calm our mind, another puts us on high alert.

Certain colours may have an impact on our performance too. While orange sparks creativity, the colour yellow is for happiness.

The same colour may mean different things in different cultures. So our conditioning matters how it impacts us.

How colour affects you depends on your personal experience too.

When I think of my favourite color a soothing green comes to mind because of my love for nature. Then I think of white for peace, purity and clouds. But it's orange that energizes and refreshes me. And black is what I reach for when shopping for handbags and shoes - they go with all dresses. But so does the blue denim jeans. Blue is so much more.

Now the colour blue is the shade of the limitless sky, boundless seas, and other elements of nature that trigger a sense of tranquillity. And blue also implies loyalty, reliability, and authority. Some may think it cold and depressing. Others think of peace, calm, and serenity.

For me...

Blue is the color of

The expanse of skies,

And the depth of seas,

The royal implies,

And the blues one feels

The cool of balance

The peace you must find

Also abundance

And your tranquil mind

What is your favourite colour and what does it mean to you?

Written for BlogchatterA2Z


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