10 Steps to Uncomplicate Living (21/26) A2Z 2018

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Better technology and ease of communications has brought along its own set of problems and complications. Multitasking is in.

#powerofsimplechanges #SilkenScribblings #lifeskills #BlogchatterA2Z #humawrites
#powerofsimplechanges #SilkenScribblings #lifeskills #BlogchatterA2Z #humawrites
Too many irrelevant discussions kindle unnecessary doubts. Low self-esteem is common and complicated relationships are now a trend.

There is a rising silent need to uncomplicate, before it becomes too complicated to handle all by yourself. And there is no need to come up with a grand plan ‘Operation Uncomplicate’, begin with a single step, whatever suits you and the follow it up with another.

I have listed below some steps that help one to uncomplicate and simplify on the go. Take your pick and try what suits you.

  1. Start with easier stuff like decluttering your physical space. Donate what you haven’t used for over 2 years and is not an emergency time need.

  2. Get to know your financial situation and keep within your budget.

  3. Sidestep that loan offer. Debts should be absolutely avoided unless genuinely needed.

  4. Be honest and skip lying or cheating to keep matters simple.

  5. Make realistic goals.

  6. Pull out of challenging commitments if they are not serving you any benefit.

  7. Know your priorities and stick to them, you cannot please everyone because you are not a Superman or a Wonder-woman. However, you are a good person, every once on a while do a deed to help another.

  8. Start avoiding unnecessary drama and people who create it.

  9. Shift your focus from being perfect to being efficient, taking one small step at a time.

  10. Address that elephant in the room, ignoring it will not make it go away.

Remember simplicity is about eliminating the unnecessary and adding the meaningful.

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