7 Steps To Grow a Positive Attitude

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Your attitude determines your success prospects

Don't you love to share little gems of quotes on social media? We take these quotes as a guide to lead a better life. You may have come across interesting quotes about 'attitude'. Did you notice that people, often, perceive it as being proud or egoistic. Some even relate it with selfish behaviour.

But attitude is more than that. It is the essence of your personality. And your response in a situation or to a person depends on your attitude. A person's attitude does not form in a day, it moulds with your upbringing, values, and life experiences.

Take the example of a man who has a professionally accomplished senior woman relative, mother or aunt, is often an equal opportunity provider, which makes him more likely to hire an effective team and get better results.

A child, when told repeatedly, that s/he performs less than expected, may self-doubt and develop a negative attitude. And if this is not rectified on time, as an adult he is likely to make choices that fail him. If you inculcate positive attitude in young children, it enables them to face life's challenges with confidence.

Attitude forms the blueprint of a person's destiny. An insecure, negative person regularly complains about minor hurdles. Armed with the right (read positive) attitude, you face everyday obstacles with confidence. In short, your attitude determines your success prospects.

A person who has experienced discrimination growing up, tends to be an unreasonable adult. At times, reasonably good natured people, when faced with harsh circumstances or those who deal with unreasonable people regularly, develop changed vibes. If this change is not checked in time it becomes a habit.

Whether it is a recent change or an undesirable habit, bad attitude can be and should be amended. I'll share seven easy steps that ease positivity in attitude.

Step one is to be aware that a change is needed. It will be difficult at first to find fault in your own attitude. Be mindful of your responses. Introspect if you could have dealt with a situation in a better manner and how.

Next, when you find scope to improve, plan small changes first. Because small changes are easier to make.

Then, start focusing on the positive aspects of every situation that upsets you. It'll be difficult in the beginning but keep trying. Gradually, it'll become easier and finally a habit to see the positive of every situation.

We cannot control the actions of others but we can control how we react to others. When you become aware of the potential positive aspects of a situation, the next step would be to analyse what you could have done differently to make the situation end positively.

Adapt when your situation changes. So when you get an opportunity for a fresh start like a new job or a change of residence, it is easier to make desirable change. Change of environment is an opportunity to grow, evolve and become a better person.

Hang out with people who have positive vibes.

Join Facebook / whatsapp groups that focus around laughter and positivity.

If you try these changes, you'll definitely see positivity flow in your life.

Still not sure. Try this exercise. Identify a past life situation that made you upset, and ask yourself if another person (whom you admire) would have got a more desirable results.

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