5 Steps to Manage Habits (9/26) A2Z 2018

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Successful people are simply those with successful habits. Brian Tracy

When we repeat certain practises and get comfortable doing things the same way every time, we subconsciously adopt a habit without considering the consequence or effectiveness of it. For our success it is vital, that we adapt more of good habits and drop the bad ones. Those who have already read the Stephen R. Covey’s bestseller “The 7 habits of highly effective people, will know my indication.

For the uninitiated, I will list the 5 basic steps to changing habits.

  1. Identify what you want to achieve and the relevant habits that you should adapt.

  2. Add good habits into your routine by triggers. When the doctor advised me to stay hydrated and drink water throughout the day, I found it very difficult to follow. Even though it was a simple task and I was willing to do it, it always slipped my mind. Then I read somewhere that it is easy to start a habit if you assign triggers to it or do it along with another habit or action in your routine. So, I thought of drinking a glass of water every time I had tea and before meal times. Now, irrespective of the time whenever I intend to take a cup of tea, I drink a glass of water before I start to make tea. I start my meal preparation with a glass of water. Since the habit I wished to adopt was associated with routine actions, there was very little possibility to forget, and gradually it became a habit, because of which I now stay hydrated.

  3. Reflect on your habits.

  4. Develop self-discipline.

  5. Get support. Read a good book on developing habits. Read good blogs.

#powerofsimplechanges #SilkenScribblings #lifeskills #BlogchatterA2Z
#powerofsimplechanges #SilkenScribblings #lifeskills #BlogchatterA2Z

Many social scientists have tested and recognized techniques that change habits effectively. I, myself, benefitted by the mini habit or single step method. This basically involves breaking a big habit into smaller steps and gradually embedding it into our routine - like the technique mentioned under E to wake up early. I will write more about this method under K – The Kaizen way.

To break a bad habit, first commit to drop that action, then with help of self-discipline and self-awareness, work towards it.

Reward yourself when you do well

Involve family / friends in your efforts.

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