A List of Listing Benefits

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

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Listing benefits of listing

"Did you list all the stuff you would need?", my mother asked for the umpteenth time.

“Going to do it now”, I answered.

“When is ‘now’, You have just 5 days left for the trip. And there is shopping, packing, everything to be done. How will I manage in such a short period? I want that list ready now”, she shouted from the kitchen.

Reluctantly, I sat down, with a paper and pen in my hand, and stared at the blank paper. After staring at the blank paper for a couple of minutes more, I got up and went to my mother. “What should I list down? I am not sure if I need to shop for anything other than foodstuff and maybe clothes”. “Start with daily use items like shampoo, tooth…”. “Then, go to electronics, start with iron, rechargeable…”.

And that is how I wrote my first list. In the 90s.

Six months later, on my first vacation, I drew up a list within minutes.

My mother made lists for almost everything – list of guests for the parties, groceries, party snacks, shopping lists, gifts list–the lengthiest of all which she prepared immaculately without missing a single relative, then matching with a suitable gift idea for each.

Lists ensure that nobody important is missed and the total cost is within budget too.

Nowadays, we have variety of apps, that create lists and reminders, to choose from thanks to our smartphones. We are so habitual of depending on our smartphone for even trivial matters, that we forget it is a recent technology. The tools of listing may have changed from the modest paper-pen duo to smartphone, but the importance of listing still is the same, if not more in our distracted lifestyles.

Some may feel they have good memories and manage without lists. But the benefits of listing go beyond memory power.

1. Creates order and saves time

2. Aid in sequencing the tasks and making plan dependable

3. Making lists organizes things and deadlines can be decided.

4. The element of chaos is contained – giving a sense of ease.

5. Helps in prioritising by importance and delegating accordingly focus remains on the ‘bigger’ picture.

6. The less important slips to the bottom of the list

7. Doubts and confusions are clarified.

8. Last but not the least, it saves time and increases general productivity of the team.

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