Seven Tips to Manage Anxiety and Tolerance levels (20/26) A2Z 2018

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Reduced tolerance is common these days.

This is probably due to the different levels of anxiety and stress that we face daily. People suffering from anxiety or stress avoid taking professional help due to the social stigma attached with it. But living with anxiety for long without dealing with it is difficult and dangerous.

If you are experiencing anxiety or stress due to any reason, you should take steps to deal with it ASAP.

Here are few steps to deal with stress one step at a time.

  1. Reach out and connect with people. Share feelings - tell your own or listen to the problems of the other - either way it helps. Meet a friend or a group of friends. Join a new class or club or kitty. Go for regular walks with your spouse or family member or a neighbour.

  2. Do things that relax or energize you. Pick up a new hobby or restart an old one that you used to enjoy earlier. Get involved in creative work. Relax with your favourite mood booster – watching TV, listening to your favourite music, reading a book, playing sudoku or video games, etc.

  3. Exercise.

  4. Work on your diet to include more vitamin B and omega 3 fatty acids boosters .

  5. Get your daily dose of sunlight, especially in winters, as many studies have indicated that it improves the mood and bones.

  6. Break out of the negative thought cycle. Whenever you find yourself thinking about the negatives, distract yourself by getting busy doing whatever it is that you enjoy.

  7. Look for triggers. What started the anxiety cycle? Make notes when you are feeling stressed or anxious and look for a pattern.

It is difficult to deal with anxiety by oneself, so confide in a friend or family.

If you have a friend combating anxiety, help her/him and guide to a professional ASAP. Hashtags - #humawrites #silkenscribblings #lifestyle #humatalks


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