Track your Year-On-Year Progress (25/26) - A2Z 2018

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

#powerofsimplechanges #SilkenScribblings #lifeskills #BlogchatterA2Z #humawrites
#powerofsimplechanges #SilkenScribblings #lifeskills #BlogchatterA2Z #humawrites

It is important to track your progress in the long term to achieve your big goals.

Year over year (YOY) is a method of evaluating two or more measured events to compare the results at one-time period with those of a comparable period on an annualized basis. It gives a clear picture of whether the performance is improving or worsening.

On new year, people all over the world make resolutions with certain goals in mind, that they intend to follow throughout the year. It is good time to make resolutions but if for any reason you missed doing it, then, any point of time would be a good time, but you should keep track of it.

Muslims evaluate their wealth each year at the same point of time to calculate the zakat or obligatory charity, which is 2.5 percent of their wealth, that is due on them. Then they can distribute it whenever and in whatever amount it suits them. But additionally, it helps them track their self-worth too.

It is a good idea to have a few year-on-year routines, keeping your long term and short-term goals in mind. Further the progress can be tracked on monthly or annual basis. Again, these must be based on your own and your family’s needs.

I have a few of my own annual routines.

I like to welcome the spring with some deep cleaning of my home. It is essentially a week-long ritual such that the work gets divided and it doesn't feel burdensome, that keeps my house maid from quitting on me. Day 7 is usually just donating selective items that have not been used for more than a year or two.

The week before the month of Ramadhan is accounting time. It takes just 15 minutes as I use a ready excel template, but nevertheless it is an important routine that I never skip.

New year is resolutions time. Like most people, I would make resolutions, half of which I would forget in the first fortnight of the year. Then I read an article on tips to make your resolutions stick and I decided to implement some of the suggestions. The result is impressive. Even though, I still fall short of achieving some goals, I keep track of whatever progress I have made. For next time I modify the resolution and make it easier to achieve.

Really YOY routines are interesting and help keep things in track, so which routine suits your lifestyle?

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