An Effective Method to Use a Planner (16/26) A2Z 2018

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Keep a planner handy. It is an effective organizing tool for the working as well as homemakers. I find it convenient to have a weekly planner with all the days of the week stacked on one page (see pic bottom right).

There are numerous benefits to keeping a planner.

Planner helps you mark important dates or appointments, so you remember to buy a present in advance, if a dear one’s birthday falls in that week. Of course, we can put reminders on our smartphones, but a planner is more than a reminder. It helps you plan your activities and helps prioritize, making your time better utilized. It keeps you organized and decreases the stress.

You can also use it to track health or your weight. Take notes as and when required.

Plan your me-time.

Students can plan and track their studies and assignments.

The best way to use a planner is

  • Plan your week on Sunday night or on Monday.

  • On the right-hand page make two lists of the tasks you need to do in that week – first one of important and/or urgent tasks on the top and the second one of the remaining tasks on the bottom.

  • Every morning, select the tasks that you would like to do on that day from the two lists and make note on that day. Cross out the tasks that are complete in both the places.

  • Tasks not completed can move to the next convenient day or perhaps the next week.

  • It is a very simple yet effective planning system.

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