[Review] Annoyed Thieves Amid Darkling Armies by Rohan Kachalia

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

A poet for a cause. A common man expressing his feelings poetically. Candid and to the point, I found the poet’s words appealing.

Annoyed Thieves Amid Darkling Armies is a collection of 26 eloquent poems by Rohan Kachalia about human behaviour and societal issues.

The language is simple, and the meaning is deep. The poet is very articulate about his feelings whether it is about love or hope or any other emotion.

He is observant of the happenings around him and raises awareness on significant issues.

He cares. He criticises. He ponders.

His words flow effortlessly, bathing you in a stream of hot and cold sensations, poem after poem. It leaves you craving for more while being satisfied at the same time.

I enjoyed reading it and would recommend it as an enjoyable read with a cup of tea.

Quoting few interesting verses from the book, for an insight.


He brushed away the tuft of hair

Back where it belonged and

Continued to querl the discourse

In the direction to sponsor’s affiliated party.

The nation wants to know nothing but

Why you keep murdering the news

Left, right and center, but never mind coz

There is no cure for the sickness of mind and heart.

So may I suggest to the republic, to quarantine

Him, and him and him and their ilks till they learn

The art of presenting news and only news.

Kins of the same blood

One speaks of compassion and love

Other speaks on hate and terror

We listen to the same music

Still we interpret it differently

He finds love intertwined in religious threads

He finds religion tangled in a love-hate maze

Number one

You create a divide

Among students, parents and

People in general

O wait a minute!

Didn’t caste create a bigger divide?

Whenever it sticks it ugly head out

So, my dear one

You need not worry, for caste is

Way superior than you in most cases

A hope for people

The perfume of jobs, growth, globalization

Was the scent people grew up to

There were no paints on the walls

But they were polished and shone

The government threw plenty of rainbows

And people grew decades into it

Now, the scent is flavoured and sugar-coated

With GDP, NPAs, and politically motivated discourse

The walls stand marvellously painted exteriorly

The interior stands tarnished and dark