[Review] Finding your Writing Flow by Sona Grover

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

“It is about the joy of relentless writing.” ~ extract from Finding your Writing Flow

If you have always wanted to write but struggle to put your finest thoughts on paper or screen, reading Finding your Writing Flow will put matters into simpler perspective for you. It motivates the readers to explore and develop their unique writing voice. While it is easy to read and follow, it is a wonderful resource of writing tips.

This book reviews and offers solutions to conquer the common writing issues faced by the writing community in general. Thinking up new topics, to write about consistently, is hard for anyone across all genres. This book suggests good techniques to find inspiration and overcome writer’s block.

Sona Grover, the author of Finding your Writing Flow, is a regular blogger and a devoted reader. She loves to cook and is fascinated by stories of diverse cultures. She is a nature lover and loves to travel. You may have read another of her e-book, Through the Mist, which is a collaborative project.

Sona begins by underlining the importance of the personal reasons that inspires one to write, quickly moving to find inspirations to create new articles and productivity guidelines.

The chapter Getting Better at your Craft outlines the writing process from creating one’s own unique writing voice to finally editing the piece. Unburdening of the writer’s mind is essential to remain creative and the author has shared some interesting tips here.

Finally, the book concludes with suggestions about things to do during “tough times” of writer’s block or any other.

This book is well structured, light reading. The writing style is casual as the author shares her own experiences in overcoming obstacles to her writing. The tone is friendly even as the author encourages the readers to plan their own writing tactics.

I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it as a good guide for aspiring writers and bloggers, particularly those looking to style their own writing voice.


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