A Message For The Women

Updated: May 14, 2019

On this Women's day...

I want every woman to know that all women, #homemakers and working women, can reach their #lifestyle and #moneygoals successfully. All they need is a little #moneytalk.

#Women often become prisoners of stereotypes. They need to break these bars of perception. It is often thought that women are not capable of taking the right money investment decisions. Really, why would someone feel that way? Don’t we earn money? Didn’t our mothers and grandmothers run their homes resourcefully? For generations, women have run their homes efficiently, accounting for every paisa and putting every rupee to good use. But generally they didn’t step beyond that unsaid Lakshman Rekha. Maybe they didn’t see the need then. But times have changed.

Money is important. It solves more problems then we care to admit. And knowing the titbits of investing money is empowering. Do you know that a little amount saved regularly can grow manifold with the power of compounding? It’s not rocket science. Really, it is simple if you just pay a little attention. But more about that some other day.

Today is International Women’s Day.

No doubt, we have come a long way. We have covered a long distance in the last few decades, but many milestones remain. We compete in different professions, but #equal payscale #gendergap remains. We share household duties with our spouses, but sharing investment decisions remain.

Let’s break out of this invisible prison. Let’s shatter the discriminating stereotypes and abolish a few perceptions. Let’s get some money education.

I look forward to a time when there is no need for a Women’s day celebration. But for now, wishing all the ladies a #happywomensday.


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