[Poetry] Dream

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Tanka is the less known, older (about 1000 years) cousin of Haiku. I say less known because I found many Facebook groups for Haiku but none for Tanka. But you will find it on every online poetic forms list site that matters.

Tanka means a short song. A Japanese poetic form of fixed format, it is exactly five lines comprising of 31 syllables in a 5/7/5/7/7 pattern. The 5-7-5 part is called “Kamino-Ku” (upper phrase) and the 7-7 part is called “Shimono-Ku” (lower phrase).

Unlike Haiku Tanka does not need a seasonal word. And there is no requirement to rhyme either.

A Tanka can be a love poem, a fantasy or about a social issue. What matters is the deep emotion it invokes in the reader.

Here is a Tanka (translated) by Ono No Komachi

Colour of the cherry blossoms

Has already faded away

While spending in vain

My life passes

As I had watched the long rains fall.

Here is my first try at writing Tanka:


A seed of desire

that grows at will anywhere

Dream, a wildflower

blooms where the soul dares to dare

Others remain unaware

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