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Updated: May 14, 2019

Community building or personal networking is one of the best tools available to further your career be it job search, business relations or freelancing, and personal networking events are like breeding grounds to expand your professional community and gain valuable contacts.

Whatever may be your expectation from these events, your personal impact and communication skills are essential to it. Social Event communication is much more than showing up, grabbing free snacks, and swapping business cards. It's about building new relationships, gaining valuable contacts and expanding your community.

And to get the most out of these events, it is important to prepare for it professionally. Part 6/6

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Follow up to a new contact
Follow up to a new contact
Studies indicate that mostly it is your professional relationships that help you in your business or in getting a new job, rather than your friends. Following up ensures a relationship connection building.

Have a follow up system

It’s not easy to approach people who you might have spoken with for only a few minutes before exchanging business cards and moving on. However, it is important to bear in mind the event was for introduction. Follow up is essential to build relationships.

Reconnect soon but not too soon

A good idea would be to reconnect within the first week but after at least a day has passed. Nowadays, we have the option to connect through social media. LinkedIn is considered the official social media network for professionals to connect, but there is no harm in connecting on other media too. Always keep your LinkedIn profile updated and optimized.

There is also the choice to write an email or call. If you call, take care to ask if the timing is not inconvenient.

Offer value

Whichever way you choose to reconnect, remember to remind the other by recapping your conversation. Move forward by offering the other something of value. You may offer to introduce another relevant professional from your industry. Sharing data or survey that could be useful to him/her or an informative article perhaps.

Another effective way is to ask for opinion of the other person on a subject that s/he holds expertise, sending good vibes immediately.

You may even extend an invite to a similar event to the one that you both attended.

Give the other time to respond

Once you have made your offer or connected, give the other person space and time to respond. S/he may have other more pressing matters on hand. Wait for a couple of days before making a second connect.

It is better to use another media for your second approach, as it is possible the other person is not active in checking her/his profile on the selected media. Many people check their profiles on weekends.

Templates to write an effective email

Here is a good blog post that provides templates to effective emails for building relationships with one-time connections. These templates can serve as a good guide to take tips to start your email and then proceed to customize it according to your own meeting account.

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Read Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 of Event Networking series.

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