Morning Routine for Overall Well Being

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Early morning is an excellent time to add some positivity to our life. Having a well-structured morning routine not just ensures our wellness but also enhances our lifestyle.

Begin your day with positivity

The first 30 minutes of your morning is the most important time of your day and can set the tone for the day ahead. If you start with positive thoughts and a plan in mind you have a productive and satisfying day. We can use the quiet and undisturbed time of early mornings to engage in productive activities that we skip in the hustle bustle of our daily lives. And if we have a plan of action in place, we do not waste the precious minutes.

We should customize our morning routines according to our personal needs. Everyone is unique and our needs depend on a range of factors like our values, age, health, etc.

Adding positivity by reading motivational books or by listening to productivity podcasts helps set the tone of the day. If you are religious, you would like to read religious text or start the day by reading your holy books. We can learn much by reading and understanding our religious text. I like to do my editing in the early mornings when my mind is fresh.

Writers and bloggers could make good use of this time to increase productivity and add writing tasks to the early morning routine.

Get back into shape

Our body stays on a fast during the night, so it is imperative that you start your routine by breaking that fast. I prefer to take warm water with lemon juice and honey on an empty stomach as it is detoxifying. Some people who cannot start their day without their preferred caffeine-rich beverage may like to consider shifting to a healthier choice by adding minor changes in their morning routine. The health-conscious people could whip up a smoothie of seasonal fruits or/and vegetables.

Including exercise in some form is essential for a good morning routine even if it is just body stretching. This is a good time to do some cardio exercise, maybe jogging or walking the treadmill. If you have not been exercising in any form earlier then you could start with a simple and easy to do exercises like simple yoga poses or body stretches or a brief walk to get your body used to it. When we start to do heavy exercises without our muscles being used to it, we end up with body aches and this has the opposite effect on the rest of the day. Instead of feeling energetic and confident to seize the day we feel tired and go through our day half-heartedly.

It is easier to substitute simple body stretches with more vigorous exercise later, than to add a new task to a set routine. So, adding easy exercise steps to your routine from day one is a clever idea.

Plan a game changer

A well-planned morning routine is beneficial for both body and mind because a morning that starts well becomes a productive and satisfying day. We should plan our morning routine carefully so that we feel and act at our highest potential for the rest of your day.

In the fast-paced age, we are unable to keep ourselves from stress which causes sleep disorders, promotes depression and anxiety. Meditation reduces stress, controls anxiety, enhances self-awareness among other health benefits. Regular meditation ensures our emotional and mental well-being.

Excellent use of this time could be by reflecting on our goals and planning the rest of the day to make the best use of time. If we start our day with our priorities on top of mind, we make better use of our work hours. Also, we can avoid skipping what is important to us. We stay alert and are ready to face the challenges that life throws at us.

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