How I Reached my Goal with Green Tea

Updated: May 14, 2019

Many firsts for us in 2018

2018 became the year of many firsts for us, the Indian women. We reached new goals and accomplished aspirations not done before.

24-year-old Avani Chaturvedi became the first Indian woman to fly a fighter jet alone. Dipa Karmakar became the first Indian gymnast to clinch a Gold at a global event. Mithali Raj became the highest run scorer on November 11, 2018, for India in T-20 cricket, surpassing Rohit Sharma. She became the highest run-getter while batting for India in the ICC women's world T20 series, smashing an aggressive half-century against Pakistan. She is the first Indian player (either male or female) to score 2000 runs in T20Is, and also the first woman cricketer to reach 2000 WT20I runs.

Indians saw 36 young women take in the first all-female commando team of the Delhi Police.

I achieved one of my new year goal.

Really, it is a first... for me. it is the very first time I practically stuck to my goal right through the year, an occasion to celebrate for me.

I hoped to reach it but never actually expected it.

A goal reached unexpectedly

It was unexpected even for my husband. We were quite surprised, frankly. Every new year I set goals only to abandon them by the first quarters.

My goal was to add more home cooking and add healthier food to my diet.

So, wowed by my own tenacity and greedy for yet another victory I set on a similar path by setting a slightly difficult version of the same goal this year. I added exercise routine, daily sleep hours and weekly outdoor hours to my goal of healthy lifestyle.

Swapping regular tea with green tea varieties

I had done something different last year that made it easy for me to stick to my goals. I adopted easy habits. I focused on habits that would give manifold results and were easier to implement.

Thanks to our Facebook shares, we are familiar with the common benefits of green tea. It improves not just our metabolism but also makes us smarter by improving our brain functioning. It prevents many diseases like certain cancers, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer, heart disease, etc.

One of my goals was to reduce my tea consumption. I was a compulsive tea drinker which was causing me health problems. Moreover, I liked to drink at odd hours too giving me sleepless nights and anxiety.

The doctor had advised me to cut my sugar intake. Every cup I drank meant an additional teaspoon to me. But any compulsive tea drinker knows it is very difficult to deprive yourself of that cup of caffeine. I tried it many times, unsuccessfully.

This time, I tried the technique of substitution instead of indulging in self-deprivation. Not only did it replace my cup of caffeine with a cup of antioxidants, but I also managed to go sugarless by selecting flavours like lemon with honey.

A happy green tea person

Now, I am a happy tea drinker with a variety of flavours and types to choose from. I did not deprive myself of anything, just moderated it by adding variety.

For breakfast and evening tea I prefer the regular, black tea bag with creamer.

Otherwise, I take green and flavoured teas to boost my antioxidants intake.


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