[Poetry] Just Words

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

The words we use are powerful. They can motivate us or tear us down. And once spoken they can't be undone easily.

A concrete poem, also called a shape poem, because the words take the shape of the poem's subject. Concrete poems do not have to rhyme or follow any other poetic word pattern. The most important thing is that the words create a matching picture.

This is my first attempt at a concrete poem with end rhymes. The theme is words that hurt.

Just Words

Take care from words that hurt

They aren't just hollow words

They are like knives that slice

away the love, think twice

Tongues cut, like sharpest knives,

the part where love survives

That carve on your heart words

Like ugly small blackbirds

Sad, lost and unfulfilled

Like castles of sand built

Though you know they'll come down

Like lies when truth is found

Take care of words that hurt

They aren't just hollow words

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