[Poetry] Nowhere To Go

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

The current situation may have put us under restrictions from doing the usual. And for some of us, this time is more testing than that for others. But time is precious, don't let it go away unused. Use it to do something new. Or something worthwhile.

We are under enormous pressure but the pressure is what brings out the best in us. Rose yields fragrance, olives give up oil, and henna a beautiful colour after the pressure. Just like the pressure on clay moulds the vase into an elegant shape, the pressure you face expands your horizons.

Don't yield to the pressure. Don't give up.

You'll know what changed once you're through.

When you have nowhere to go, go someplace where you grow.

Nowhere To Go

When you have nowhere to go

go barefoot, walk the spiked road

jump over defining lines

to go flourish unconfined

don't stop to watch the time flow

go someplace where you can grow

Go to explore paths unknown

Step beyond your comfort zone

Written for BlogchatterA2Z


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