One year later

Updated: May 16, 2019

Life is a journey, and each of us paves our unique path of this journey. We find many turns and detours on the way. When and as we come to one, we decide which way to go, and it is these decisions that make every journey unique.

The Writing point

2018 was a year of such a turning point in my life. In April I designed a blog called Silken Scribblings. And I began writing. One thing led to the other, and by December, I had already published three ebooks on the Kindle store and also participated in a few writing challenges. Wow.

I have been an avid reader from a young age, probably because we didn’t have computers then. After my homework got done, I would turn to my precious collection of Tell Me Mores and Tell Me Whys. The Road Not Taken written by Robert Frost was one of the first poems that left a profound impact on my mind. While I loved reading the detailed logic of Sherlock Holmes written by Conan Doyle, I relished the stylish ending twists to Saki’s stories.

Inspired by what I read, I tried my hand at short poem writing. Few even got published in our school magazine, to my surprise. But mostly I wrote for myself. As I got promoted to higher classes, I became more involved in my studies, and my focus shifted from the arts to subjects like science and mathematics that have a higher weight in college admissions.

The Voice

Later as a marketing consultant, I did a lot of corporate writing in the form of reports, presentations, advertising materials, and sometimes I even wrote for our in-house monthly – the Middle East Marketing Intelligence Report. But all that writing was WORK. I wrote on behalf of and in the voice of my organisation.

When I started creative writing one year ago, I found my voice very formal and similar to corporate literature. However, the magic word being creative it gave me the freedom to experiment and gradually I felt my unique voice reveal a little as friendly, positive and honest.

Going forward I hope to develop it further this year and, in the process, discover little more of myself. Writing has many well-known benefits including informing, influencing and entertaining. But not many know that free writing can reveal so much about the writer just like reading transforms the reader.

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