[Poetry] Just an opinion

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Poetry is not only a written activity; it's a way of seeing life and establishing a connection.

~ Billy Collins, United States Poet Laureate (2001-2003)

In these Corona times, while living in lockdown restrictions, I connect to the world with the TV news channels and social media mostly. But both are rampant with fake news and contribute equally in building false opinions.

While the perpetrators of false news soon move on to their next endeavour, those affected by it remain lost in little whirlpools of dreadful consequences even after the storm has passed.

The power of the internet keeps charging these false opinions with each browser search. And it is only after much precious is lost that some manage to move on in life. But not all - for some life comes to standstill for a long time.

False Opinions

Don't let that talk

Hold you back

That talk is fake

They lie to make

false opinions

None is perfect

That is a fact

They say a fib

And stop you with

false opinions

They don't know you

So don't argue

Why should you care

much about their

false opinions

It doesn't matter

what they chatter

Tell them you're more

Much more than their

false opinions

Wear your smile

hang in there while

you bide your time

to undermine

false opinions

©2020 Huma Masood