Reaching For The Stars

Tourism is almost on the verge of expanding beyond our Earth. It may now be possible for private individuals to reach for the stars. That’s true, in 2021, commercial space travel was opened for private individuals (who could spare US$250,000 and endure the physical stress that goes with it) by a few companies. Click here to know more about it.

Space tourism enthusiasts are quick to share the opportunities that this change will create. And it’s true space exploration increases our understanding of the solar system and the universe. And, it will facilitate significant technological innovations too. Read more about these possibilities here.

However, climate change/SDG advocates question the impact this development will have on the environment and our atmosphere. Space travel has many consequences (both good and bad, read more here) including that it is extremely costly and is a major polluter.

According to a recent report by ABC News, 400 space flights per year over 40 years would generate enough greenhouse gas emissions to cause up to 1°C more warming in the Arctic than is already projected. An increase in greenhouse gas emissions is the leading cause of climate change.

At a time when the world is struggling to put together green finance to combat climate change, which has been having detrimental effects on our weather, oceans and ecosystems, and consequently on our community's health - many may disapprove.

Space tourism, though fascinating, is a controversial (more) topic.