[Review] Kashish Mahtani's Melody of a Muddled Mind

In this vast poetry collection by Kashish Mahtani, which is also part of Blogchatter ebook carnival, you'll find Intense emotions and shades of love.

What attracted me to this ebook was the tastefully designed book cover accompanied by a brief and to the point blurb. The image, the typeface and blurb (see the last section) together convey an artistic mind at work.

Deep emotions penned in a melodious rhyme and rhythms that speak to you. About love and its intricacies.

About the Author

Kashish Mahtani - born & brought up in Kolkata, is a resident of Pune. She is a blogger by passion and copywriter by profession.

She is easily charmed by writers who spin magic with words. Old-school at heart but a millennial in spirit, you will find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Mehkashi.

Melody of a Muddled Mind is Kashish’s first book.

About the book

A beautiful poetry collection about love and all the emotions associated with love. The collection itself comprises of five sections - whimsical whispers, the heart's rhapsody, segue into chaos, death knell and the phoenix song.

Kashish has showed all the emotions so well. I was surprised this is her first book.

She begins with love for parents.

The first poem I’m That Girl from whimsical whispers connected with me instantly. As I read it I felt "that girl" could be me - the daughter, the friend, the lover that the poet writes about.

I’m your dutiful daughter,

For you, my life I offer;

Your support till the end,

I’m your reliable friend;

Merged with you, there’s no ‘me’,

I’m your loyal devotee;

An admirer, an unwavering fan,

I’ll adore you more than they can;

Yours once, yours forever,

The committed kind of lover;

I’ll bring down the moon from above,

All I demand is a drop of love;

Other poems that I enjoyed in this section are The Rhyme of Time, Some things You’ll Never Know and Be the hero that you’re.

I noticed that Kashish uses poetic devices and imagery tools adequately to convey her expressions.

You fill my thoughts

With joy, one-of-a-kind,

I catch myself blushing

Like a newly-wedded bride.

You fill my mind

With a song so mellow,

My fingers drum the tables

While my soul strums a cello.

You fill my days

With sunshine smiles,

The orb goes pale with envy -

It sets to sulk at night.

She employs the contrast techniques in Perfect Paradox in a wonderful manner to tell her story. She writes:

You're my guilty pleasure,

A cursed treasure

You're my poisoned goblet,

Delicious, every droplet

You're my sugar, spice,

Not everything nice

A myriad of emotions pull you in.

Hanging onto hope with a heart, threadbare, Hanging onto a dream… or a nightmare?”

Few poems that I recommend reading: Standing the Test of Time, Life without Colour Finding Redemption, Happy Within/Without and Parallel Universe.

What I admired the best was the rhyme and the rhythm of the words. Many poems are rich in emotions and thoughts, but to pen those emotions in a melodious form that rhymes and talk to you is an art. And Kashish has done it perfectly.

Breathe in pain,

Exhale relief,

And let all go.

The passionate love, the insecure heart, the agony of separation, the reunion and finally the mature, wise heart that learns to accept love unconditionally - Kashish portrays all the emotions so vividly.

Recommended for

I look forward to read more of her poetry in future. For those in love and the young heart coping with various intricacies of a relationship download it now.

You can read Kashish Mahtani’s Melody of a Muddled Mind here.

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