[Poetry] She Emerges

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Feminism, perceived as a dirty word by some and misunderstood by many, became the talk of the town in 2020 and continues to influence our social media in 2021.

We have begun to talk and debate gender equality. Still milestones remain to be covered.

Nevertheless, she emerges...

She Emerges

She emerges from the seas,

the world of corals and reefs,

and breathes in the gentle breeze,

admiring the rich green trees.

She perceives it as unfair

to hold her and keep her there,

away from the free fresh air,

yearning for her rightful share.

She looks up the tall mountains,

The inviting green terrains

tempt her to break the restraints

and explore the high domains.

Written for BlogchatterA2Z

This post is also part of Blogchatter's #CauseAChatterCauseAChatter campaign.


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