[Poetry] She

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

We are conditioned to live in a beautiful cage and be proud of it.

To stay bound by social restraints cheerfully.

To stay in the confining Lakshman Rekha obediently.

To walk on the straight known path predictably.

If you go to a bird shop, you'll get to see cages of all sorts and sizes. Some have swings and little playing platforms. Some are airy and some very small. You'll find cages of all kinds there.

We are like little birds in different types of cages.

Sometimes they will marry you young and your no does not count. Sometimes they will give you study rights equal to boys, but after you have earned them by following the rules.

Few lucky ones are free to chirp, hop and fly. Until they collide with the cage confines. Then they know where the limits stand. Wiser, they spread their wings once again minding not to clash with the cage walls this time.

Rare are the rebels who embark on flights of fury hoping to rattle the cage walls time and again.

We are like little birds in different types of cages.

Although I found the poetic form symetrelle on Poets Collective it was originally created and shared by Julie Moeller on Allpoetry.

Her rules for symetrelle:

It begins and ends with a single subject line that is 7 syllables.

It has ‘a hat and boots’, mono-rhymed couplets that lead you into and out of the subject with a 9 syllable count.

At the heart of it is a mono-rhymed 4 line quatrain with an 11 syllable count.


The great mountains invite her

to explore a few new crooked lanes

and break free of the confining chains

She seeks to break free of her cage, a free bird

flying to touch the endless skies undeterred

a universe where equity is favoured

a different world where her voice will be heard

breaking free of the social restraints

She's set to travel the high domains

For the mountains invite her

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