Step Out of your Comfort Zone

Even after we find an opportunity, we hesitate to take that up. We wonder about all that could still go wrong because we would be in an unknown and unpredictable area – out of our comfort zone.

Our comfort zone, the zone most people love to stay in, includes all that we are familiar with and have faced before. Beyond our comfort zone lies uncertainty, the unknown that could appear to us anytime.

Routine may be boring, but it is safe, so we cling to it. And because uncertainty scares us, we skip the chance to explore that opportunity. We may never know the chances we might have missed because we lacked the aptitude to deal with change.

Change is crucial for growth. But that doesn’t mean that all change is growth. Changing a suitable daily routine might also create conflict. Also, change may become negative for us if we are unable to adapt to it. We should be realistic in exploring it.

We must learn to explore and embrace change if we wish to make healthy progress in life. The changing mindset learns to deal with a new idea in an open mind and positive manner, asking the required questions that explore all its aspects before deciding flexibly.

We must learn to conquer our fear of the uncertain before we develop an aptitude to deal with change. Adding chaos, in small doses, to your life stimulates change and growth. If we keep trying new things, visiting unfamiliar places, we find it easier to embrace a change.

Reading about or discussing what is new to us, out of curiosity and with no expectation for an immediate result, expands our horizon and taking that step towards change doesn’t seem so scary when the time comes.

Life outside of your comfort zone can be beautiful. Try yourself. But first, we will have to acknowledge our fear and need for security.


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