The Beginning

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

Your melodious words were pleasing, Like shiny pearls on a string, You speak sweet and optimistic, The smoothest words you pick. But these words, you squander on me, No longer impress, nor affect me. Neither eases my grief nor pain, given by you, but, again I heard you affirm, But do you ever conform? You want me to trust you, once more, to forgive you! Trust is like an eraser,each mistake makes it smaller. I think, of the futile pain given by you, once again You promised, you assured, You said I am not being fair, I listened to your romantic claims, not believing, all the same. Once more, I may have given in, but I know, once more, you will fib The hurting, the sadness, the pain given by you again, and, again.

I believed you time after time, now it’s time to get off the dime To walk new roads, new places to visit; Time, not to forget, but to forgive, To say goodbye and departing; And look forward to a new starting; To declare the end of the endings; And trust the magic of new beginnings....

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